In order to receive the Certification, you must:

  • Attend 75 hours of critique or workshop. This can be completed over 25 Sundays of critique groups. Time spent at a Wednesday evening Generative Workshop or a Saturday afternoon Brag-a-thon Workshop also counts toward this requirement, and in fact we encourage you to attend as many different kinds of meeting as you can.
    • Regular attendance at critique groups and casual attendance at other meetups over the course of a year fulfills this requirement. However, there is no time limit and you can take as long as you like.
  • Submit at least 5 of your own stories or chapters for critique at critique groups.
  • Read your own original work aloud twice in a gathering of at least ten other people associated with the North Seattle Science Fiction and Fantasy Meetup, or at another documented open mic or in-public reading opportunity, such as Hugo House or Two Hour Transport, or submit 2 pieces of your work to the literary magazine or literary agent of your choice.
    • (Accessibility note: if public speaking is not for you, you can make a recording of yourself reading, or have someone else read your story. Plenty of writers are eccentric recluses, but even the hermits among us have to find a way to connect with an audience to complete the art of communication.)
  • Read a book from our short list, do the writing exercises within, then schedule coffee with one of our moderators to talk about what you learned from the experience, bringing the results of your writing exercises with you.
    • We’ll pay for your coffee, if you’ve completed 75% or more of the other requirements.
    • Books are all available through Seattle Public Library or can be loaned by our moderators.

We also award badges to people who go above and beyond. These may be awarded together with the Wayfarer Certification or separately. Current badges we offer:

  • Bards in Space: read at an open mic 10+ times
  • The Magpie’s Trove: complete a short story collection or 18 stories
  • Betwixt and Between: complete 3+ novellas or other mid-length works totaling 75k+ words
  • There and Back Again: complete a fantasy novel
  • The Other End of the Wormhole: complete a science fiction novel
  • The Den Parent: host 10+ Study Halls
  • Participation Trophy: qualify for Active or Associate SFWA membership