Certification Recipients

Meet the writers who have completed all the requirements and been awarded the Wayfarer Writing Certification.

Since each writer is self-directed and moving at their own pace, there are no graduating classes.

Diana Hart
Diana Hart speaks fluent dog, wields an epee, and escapes into the woods whenever she can. Her writing mixes fantasy themes with nods to her tumultuous migration across the US, years spent on the Navajo Reservation, and a hefty dose of world history. Stalk the author at: visionsofaeona.com. October 2017

Roxanne Skelly
Roxanne Skelly has spent a lifetime or two lurking around rainy Seattle and its somewhat more rural environs. She lives in a quaint little bungalow with her partner, Stacy, and her little Scottish terrier, Mabis. She’s not always so easy to find, as she tends to travel far and wide. She spends her days writing those little programs that make computers go, and her nights are spent bellydancing, clubbing, reading, gaming, and, yes, writing urban fantasy. May 2018