The North Seattle Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Meetup Group has been a stable nexus of community for Seattle speculative fiction writers for years. Our critique groups use the Milford Method, and we consistently deliver rigorous, thoughtful peer-to-peer constructive critique for writers who dare to attend. Our other meetups, from casual study halls to participation in regular author reading events, connect writers with writers, from complete beginners to some of the most venerable members of the Seattle speculative fiction community.

As of the summer of 2017, we’re pleased to begin offering a writing certification for those of our members who have developed an expertise as writers via their investment of time, energy, and effort in their own writing and in the community.

Like the honor of completing a workshop like Clarion West or Taos Toolbox, receiving this certification shows that you have completed a difficult course of training, self-teaching and development. You’ve gotten input on your writing from experts, peers and an audience of casual readers. You’ve written, and revised, and revised again; you’ve critiqued writing from other writers and learned from their successes and mistakes. You’ve invested the time and the tears in your work, and it shows.

How does it work?

Just show up.

Seriously. Join our free meetup group to see our calendar of events, and just show up at any one of them. We’ll record your attendance and let you know when you’re getting close to fulfilling the attendance requirement. If you’re nervous about a first visit, our monthly Brag-a-thons on Saturday afternoons are a gentle introduction to our meetings. Our other events, like weeknight study halls, open mic sessions and visits to author readings put on by outside organizations like Seattle Public Library, University Bookstore or Clarion West, are also a great way to meet other members and get familiar with our group.